The Board of Directors for CCAPW is a working and/or operating board composed of 100% all-volunteers! Our many committees are led by board directors and staffed by board directors and members. It is extremely critical to have input from our very talented and knowledgeable members, and discuss current issues affecting API Women in the Central Valley from as many differing perspectives as possible. The volunteers that make up the board and committees contribute both financially and fiscally to the overall success of CCAPW, making the women’s organization a viable and renewable resource for the community & its legacy of educational programming.

  • The Executive Committee is made up of board officers who lead the organization’s planning, represent CCAPW in our community, and as a team conduct the business of the organization with input from the full board and membership.
  • The Organizational Capacity Committee leads board nomination and recruitment, ensuring board diversity, development, involvement, efficiency, and governance; and oversees operations, finances, and overall legal & liability matters.
  • The Development Committee implements strategies for raising funds from individual donors, foundations and corporations, as well as special events, and develops volunteer opportunities by interest and need.
  • The Program Committee oversees and develops strategies to create and implement programs that fulfill the organization’s mission, including mentorships, community education, leadership development, and scholarships.
  • The Community Engagement & Leadership Advocacy Committee monitors legislation and advocacy on Asian Pacific Islander (API) and women’s isses, developing partnerships and collaborations to promote community visibility and member involvement.
  • The Communications Committee incorporates and implements technology to continually update and streamline organization communications, from public releases to official organizational communications, and also provides visibility through new and print media, and promotions.


  • Leadership & Advocacy
  • Major Events/Fundraising
  • Scholarships

Join one of CCAPW’s committees to learn about what we do, gain practical experience, and make valuable connections.