Scholarship Recipients: 00s


$500 Judi Lee Dinglasan, Los Banos
$500 Phebe Kwon, Foothill
$500 Robyn Mar, Clovis
$500 Sabiya Raja, Highland
$500 Ashley Sasai, Kingsburg
$500 Lasley Xiong, Merced
$500 Mai Lee Xiong, Roosevelt
$500 Ziang Yang, Fresno


$500 Frances McIntyre, Foothill
$500 Catherine Chyi, Foothill
$500 Lily Lou, Redwood
$500 Jasprect Klar, Fowler
$500 Pawandeep Gill, Caruthers
$500 Me Her, Golden Valley
$500 Alisa Pearl Garcia, Shafter
$500 Sandy Cha, Hoover
$500 Ophelia Smith, Reentry, College of the Sequoias
$750 Tammy Yanagi, Bullard, ($500 CCAPW and $250 in memory of Mae Takahashi)


No Scholarships


$700 Yvonne Ling, Redwood, Visalia
$700 Jean Chin, Reedley
$700 Julia Vang, Livingston
$700 Ze Herr, Merced
$700 Stephanie Kong, Clovis West
$700 Yer Xiong, Golden Valley, Merced
$800 Danessa Lerias, Bakersfield
$700 Amy Leung, Central High East, Fresno
$700 See Moua, Golden Valley, Merced
$700 Ton Won, West, Bakersfield


No Scholarships


$1000 Julie Leei Cha, Clovis East High, Mae Takahashi Scholarship
$500 Melanie Lee Thao, Fresno Pacific College, Joan Agustin Memorial Scholarship
$500 Alexa K. Rogers, Atwater High
$500 Thuy Le Tran, Mt. Whitney High
$500 Shannon Kaur Aulakh, Kerman High


$1000 Holly A. Vu, Sunnyside High, Mae Takahashi Scholarship
$500 Stephany Marie Phomkha, Sunnyside
$500 Kimberly Ann Keller, Lindsay High
$500 Ther Crystal Yang, Sunnyside High
$500 Anna Saelee, Mt. Whitney High, Visalia, Joan Agustin Memorial Scholarship
$500 Emily Heng, Dos Palos High, Nani Rabago Scholarship


$1000, Kelly Marie Masuda, Atwater High, Mae Takahashi Scholarship
$850 Emma Kaiulani Ah Sing, Desert High
$850 Tena Dorn, Duncan Polytechnic High
$850 Fatema Dossajee, Ridgeview High
$850 Amy Patel, Los Banos High
$850 Pa Thor, Golden Valley High
$850 Kao Houa Vang, Edison High
$850 Lee Xiong, Duncan Polytechnic High


$1000 Suzanna Ivy Vang, Edison High, Mae Takahashi Scholarship
$1000 Lee Vang, Merced High, Joan M. Agustin Memorial Scholarship
$1000 Hashroop Kaur Gurm, Clovis East
$1000 Maitria Moua, Edison High
$1000 Kaozong Nancy Mouavangsou, Hoover High
$1000 Dao Thao, CSU Fresno
$1000 LiAnn Toshimi Ishizuka, Edison High
$1000 See Vang, Sunnyside High
$1000 Abbygail Wahyudi Wiliams, Buchanan High
$1000 Chong Yang, Sunnyside High


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